How to Use Shell for Defacing a Website

c99A shell script is the one which is written for sell or in command line – interpreter which is associated with operating system. It is usually regarded as a simple programming language that is domain specific. Shell scripts are strong enough to do things like printing text, executing programs and also for fie manipulation.

What is PHP Malware C99 Shell

C99 shell is a kind of notorious type of the PHP malware. C99 shell can be uploaded to the web application that is compromised for providing interface to the attacker. C99 shell can allow attacker for hijacking web server process that allows attacker for issuing commands on server as account under that is where PHP is running. An attacker gets the whole freedom on the web server and can move the files, delete files and can even do some changes to the permissions. If you can find C99 shell on the server then it just means that your website is compromised. If you are able to find the C99 shell then you can recreate the whole attack by making use of log files.

How C99 Shell can be Uploaded

Websites do not actually allow you to get PHP file uploaded on sever and so hackers make use of so many ways for doing this. Once when the C99 shell is uploaded then it means that the whole website, server as well as database is hacked. There are common vulnerabilities that the hackers look for when they try to upload the C99 shell which include RFI upload vulnerability, LFI, SQL injection, XSS and command execution. Here are the ways to upload C99 Shell to your website through command execution.

Steps for Hacking

Start the DVWA, keep the security low and then click that on upload. It is good to use Backtrack 5 and then type the command for making directory. You should then download the PP backdoor type Once when that is available you need to convert that to .gz and then edit the C99 shell file that should be executed on DVWA server and do some amount of editing. There are specific commands that are available which you should execute for the whole purpose in a specific order. It is possible for you to see the new file c99. Php.gz after the whole commands are executed. Once this file is created, we should go to DVWA and then get that uploaded. It is not possible for uploading C99 shell so easily and you should make use of the various commands to make this happen. Once when this is done, locate this file to web browser. This is not going to work until .php file is available. You should so unzip file and then extract that to server. There are commands for getting this done.

The command execution is one among the dangerous vulnerabilities which allow your attacker for sending unwanted commands with web server and can thus compromise files, database and server. This can result in creating various vulnerabilities like file upload – vulnerabilities, MySQL shutdown and website defacement.


Strategies for Ensuring Strong Server Security

Today, it is becoming almost impossible to run a business without the internet. But to run an effect internet business, you need to establish strong and efficient server. If you own a server, it is important that you secure it against internet scammers, fraudsters and intruders. Here are some of the server security measures that you should take to ensure that your server is well protected.

Configure SSH keys

One of the measures to take in order to secure your server is to configure SSH keys which refers to a a pair of cryptographic keys. With this, the SSH server can be authenticated as an alternative password for logging into the server. If you establish SSH key authentication, it will be possible for the password-based authentication to be disabled. In modern computing hardware, it is impossible to crack a lot of SSH key algorithms as too much time will be required to run across possible matches.

Firewalls installation

Firewalls helps to restrict access to the software in your server allowing only those that you want everybody to access. Different categories of services include internal services which can be access from within the server itself, privateer services which refer to those that are accessible from authorized locations or a group of authorized accounts and public services which is accessible to any internet user.

Using VPNs and Private Networking

As implicit from the name, private networks refer to those networks that can only be accessed by particular users or servers. You set it up in order to establish secure connection among different remote computers and make them to appear as local private network.


Simple Steps of Credit Card Checking To Prevent Fraud

Stealing of electronic payment information has risen with time. Therefore, it is important to protect your data by setting up and processing up the protection process with your merchant account provider. Nevertheless, you should adhere to data security standards to avoid breaching of rules which might result in fines. CC checking does not only verify credit card transactions but prevent any fraud taking place. For security reasons, you should update customer transaction information over time. CC checking also prevents your business from incurring chargebacks.  Avoiding performing BIN checking in any transaction can result in fraud and chargebacks. The outcomes of such are your business being likely to be affected due to a poor customer relationship.

If your business has many customers, you should ensure all data is protected as, and no breaching of the set rules is breached. Breaching of security makes it easier for hackers to access very many accounts, hence putting you on heavy fines. Listed down is some simple steps which you can use to check your credit card number and prevent fraud.

The initial step is to use an address verification systemCC checker system is mostly used to check cards which have not been involved in any transaction such as delivery and mail order. It checks the customer’s billing address, as provided by the issuing bank on the card. CC or BIN checker verifies if the two addresses are matching.   If the addresses do not match, no one can use the card to perform any transaction. Although using the AVS might cost some fee, it is worth in CC checking and protecting any fraud.

The second step is to get the CVV code: The verification codes are either three or four digits printed on the credit card. CC verification systems help you as a merchant to validate transactions. However, the verification codes are not part of the card’s magnetic stripe, and it is not indicated on the card’s purchase receipts. When having any online transaction, you should request the customer to provide the card verification codes. Asking for the codes can help you to quickly determine legitimate clients and hackers who on have the cards magnetic stripe information.

Calling customers for more information:  If any customer performs a transaction which is suspicious, you should call them to provide personal information already presented for verification. You should ask the customers to provide copies of their national identity cards or driving license. Additionally, you should try and verify their voice while still on the phone. If the information does not match, you should not allow any transaction.

Finally, you should not expose or store the customer payment information in your house. Storing customer’s information in your computer or premises gives hackers the opportunity to crack your security measures. Also, it is advisable to use wireless networking equipment to perform transactions. Despite offering convenience, hackers have a higher chance of accessing customer’s data. CC checker leads to secure and reliable online transactions. All e-commerce business should conduct CC checker in each and every transaction.